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Pacific Payment Solutions is a technology company that provides prepaid card products, services and processing.

Pacific Payment Solutions concentrates its energy on building and managing successful card programs for its partners. We offer custom-branded programs as well as providing proprietary solutions including READYCASH and PACIFIC CASH CARD. We provide and manage the following elements of successful card programs: card design, personalization, fulfillment, account management, transaction processing, customer service, fraud protection, identity theft protection, and web-based services. Our web services range from support for basic customer queries to sophisticated financial management tools. Marketing and distribution are typically managed by Pacific Payment Solutions partners, although all aspects of the programs are cooperative and collegial efforts.

ReadyCash® began with the corporate mission to provide the necessary financial tools and services to the developing nations of the world, that they might compete successfully in the global marketplace.

A nation is as strong as its people. Therefore the key to national financial strength is building personal financial responsibility and strength.

Through the ReadyCash® group of financial products and services, individuals are given the tools they need to access financial markets, and thereby transact business efficiently and effectively in locations that lack the necessary infrastructure required by traditional payment systems and financial institutions.

ReadyCash® is committed to building financial payment systems in every corner of the globe. Traditional card networks, teamed with micro-processor chip card (Smart Card) technology, allow everyone the opportunity to participate. Our state-of-the-art transaction processing facilities and the internet work together to make this dream a reality.

ReadyCash Holdings, LLC has developed a team of professionals who were the first to achieve commercial viability in a privately developed / publicly implemented smart card network, together with other team members who have international legal, banking and business experience globally. Our team of over 200 professionals internationally is continually improving its reach both geographically and with respect to product offerings.

In 2007, Pacific Payment Solutions was formed to build upon the strong foundation which ReadyCash had created, with an expanded set of rewards and benefits for the ReadyCash card. The Pacific Cash Card is the newest proprietary offering.

Pacific Payment Solutions continues to pursue the mission of enabling developing nations and is committed to providing the most robust and compelling prepaid card solutions worldwide.

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Copyright © 1998 - 2007 ReadyCash Holdings, LLC, All Rights Reserved. ReadyCash® Stored Value / Prepaid Debit Cards are issued by Janata Bank, Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, Mercantile Bank, First Security Bank, and MetaBank, member FDIC. (Please see back of card for your issuing bank.)