ReadyCash offers both consumer direct solutions and company solutions.  Our consumer direct solutions are:

ReadyCash Evolution Card 

The ReadyCash Evolution card is the newest offering in the ReadyCash suite of prepaid products.  It offers a set of exciting new features:

  1. Cash rewards
  2. Merchant discounts
  3. Financial tools

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Pacific Cash Card

  1. Coming soon!


ReadyCash Bengladesh Card 

The ReadyCash Bengladesh card is the national payment card of the country of Bengladesh.  It uses advanced smart-card technology to enable the latest in payment cards.

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Our company solutions are:

Payroll Card Programs

Pacific Payment Solutions payroll card programs enable employers to save money and employees to be paid more quickly and securely.  Cards are issued to employees and are re-loaded each pay day with the paycheck amount.  No check writing, no check cashing hassles, no lost checks! 

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Private Label Card Programs

Pacific Payment Solutions creates customized payment programs for corporate clients.  Custom card designs, a full suite of processing services and customer support, and detailed reporting are available from our menu of program components. 

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Benefits Card Programs

Pacific Payment Solutions supports electronic benefits distribution, Health Services Accounts, and a variety of other benefits payment programs. 

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